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Smokehouse Selections at Five Oaks Farm Kitchen Ribs at Five Oaks Farm Kitchen

“Welcome To The Farm!” – Dr. John Ogle 1925

In the tradition of Dr. John and Blanche Ogle, welcome to Five Oaks Farm Kitchen! Here you’ll find smiles as warm as a sunrise and service as sweet as honey off the comb.

From griddle cakes to casseroles, we serve a delightful breakfast menu that will brighten your day. Top Blanche’s Thick “Ring Baked” Griddle Cakes with your favorite toppings like real whipped cream, warm cherries jubilee or bananas and brown sugar. Or enjoy a Harvest Morning Bounty with Sam Stinnett’s Special, The Campbell Maples or The Back 40.

When supper time rolls around we have just what you are looking for with fresh greens, hearty soups, fried chicken, prime rib and more! From the Smoke House, we offer Pork Ribs, Beef Short Ribs, pulled pork and more. We take great pride in serving fresh produce, quality beef, local pork…real food.

We offer two private dining rooms for you and your kinfolks. Pick up a jar or two of raw mountain honey and look for our country ham delivery, direct to your front porch.

We look forward to your visit and when it’s time to go,
we want you to leave Five Oaks Farm Kitchen with a longing to return.