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When you come and visit during fall in the Smoky Mountains, there are so many fun activities you can partake in! From seeing the fall foliage to enjoying the gorgeous weather and more, there are plenty of reasons why visitors love coming during this time of year. And if you want to make the most out of your trip, you won’t want to miss out on enjoying some of the best dishes that are available here at our restaurant during fall in the Smoky Mountains! Here are some of our top choices for dishes that are perfect for the fall season:

1. Meatloaf

meatloafA classic dish here at Five Oaks Farm Kitchen, our meatloaf is a perfect choice for enjoying during fall in the Smoky Mountains. The hearty warmth of this delicious meal provides a great contrast to the chill in the air outside, plus it’s sure to leave you filled up and satisfied! Our meatloaf is made with fresh ground chuck that is then mixed with onion, our signature BBQ sauce, egg, and Panko crumbs. It is then slow cooked and served over mashed potatoes with a tangy tomato pan sauce, creating an excellent combination of flavors. Complete your meal with a farm fresh side like green beans, mashed potatoes, or macaroni and cheese and chow down on this classic meal here at our restaurant in Sevierville.

2. Chicken Pot Pie

Another dish that is perfect to enjoy during fall in the Smoky Mountains is our amazing chicken pot pie. This dish is an ideal complement to the fall weather, with its combination of warmth and delicious flavors. Our chicken pot pie is made with stewed chicken, baby peas, and carrots, baked in a rich cream sauce, and topped with puff pastry. Pair this meal with one of our farm fresh sides like corn on the cob or fried okra and see for yourself why visitors love this classic meal here at Five Oaks Farm Kitchen!

3. Open Faced Pot Roast

open faced pot roastIf you’re looking to try one of our signature dishes when you visit this fall, the open faced pot roast is a great choice. This dish comes from our Farm Table, which means you get to enjoy bread from our bakery and our potato soup to compliment your meal. The open faced pot roast is made with slow cooked beef chuck roast that is simmered in its own juices until fork tender. It is then served over mashed potatoes on grilled fresh bread and covered with pan gravy. Choose a farm fresh side of your liking to round out this delicious meal, such as a baked sweet potato or creamed corn. Whatever you choose, we’re confident you’ll leave happy after chowing down on this incredible meal!

4. Chicken and Dumplings

Another popular dish here at our restaurant in Sevierville is our chicken and dumplings, a great choice to enjoy during fall in the Smoky Mountains. This dish is made with whole stewed chicken with scratch-made dumplings in a large self-serve bowl. This tender combination will leave your stomach warm and full, perfect for enjoying fall in the Smoky Mountains. Round out this meal with a farm fresh side like coleslaw or fried green tomatoes, and find out why visitors love enjoying this dish when they come during the fall!

As you can see, there are lots of delicious options for enjoying a meal with us during fall in the Smoky Mountains, from hearty chicken pot pie to our original open faced pot roast. And if you’re looking for fun activities to enjoy before or after you join us for a meal, just check out these awesome things to do when you visit the Smoky Mountains in the fall!

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