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cinnamon roll covered in icing

We are your one stop shop at Five Oaks Farm Kitchen! From savory breakfast, lunch, and supper to our delicious desserts, we have it all to satisfy you! Here are 5 amazing desserts you have to try at our restaurant in Sevierville:

1. Handmade Farm-Size Cinnamon Roll

cinnamon roll covered in icingNumber 1 on our list of amazing desserts at our restaurant in Sevierville is our out of this world handmade farm-size cinnamon rolls! Served in a dish due to its sheer size, our cinnamon rolls come piled high with sweet cream icing! This dish is one of our most popular dessert menu items ordered for breakfast and dessert. Care goes into making these delicious treats. We start by selecting only the finest ingredients and then adding tasty cinnamon to complement the roll. There is a reason why we have sold thousands of our flaky handmade farm-size cinnamon rolls! People can’t have enough of them. Try it and you will be coming back for more!

2. Fried Cinnamon Roll

What is better than our traditional handmade farm-size cinnamon roll? That is our Fried Cinnamon Roll. We did a spin on our traditional fresh rolls by deep frying them! Our traditional roll is dipped in pancake batter and deep fried till it is a perfect golden brown. After the roll is fried, we top it with delicious caramel sauce and real whipped cream! This unique treat makes the perfect dessert to end a delicious meal. Don’t feel bad if you can not finish it! It is big enough to share.

3. Window Sill Cobbler

cobblerIf you are looking for a tasty fruit based dessert, consider our Window Sill Cobbler. Served in a cast iron skillet, this dessert is the perfect addition to any item off our supper menu! We start this dessert with selecting the best seasonal fruit and then baking it in a real butter crust. After baking, we top our Window Sill Cobbler with sugar and vanilla bean ice cream. This tasty and creamy dessert will have you wanting more! This large cobbler would be perfect for splitting with your family or special someone. It is sure to impress!

4. Chocolate Cake

Talk about a chocolate lover’s dream! Our Chocolate Cake is absolutely divine. Enjoy our take on old fashioned layer cake. As always, we use our best ingredients to craft this delicious treat! Our Chocolate Cake comes baked to perfection and topped with tasty icing and chocolate swirl shavings. You will enjoy every bite of this amazing creation.

5. Banana Pudding

dessertsIf you are a fan of banana pudding, you’ve got to try out scratch-made Banana Pudding! We start by selecting only the best bananas and cutting them up to perfection. This treat at our restaurant in Sevierville is served in a glass jar so you can see all the wonderful tasty layers waiting for you. Enjoy the wafer crust, brown sugar, and real whipped cream throughout! This delicious creamy dessert is waiting for you!

Now you know 5 amazing desserts you have to try at our restaurant in Sevierville! It’s time you learned a little more about us and what makes us a unique establishment. We look forward to serving you!

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