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Lunch spread on table at Five Oaks

You’ve probably run around all morning having fun with friends and family. Then everyone starts to notice that they’re hungry. That’s when you should head over to our Sevierville restaurant for lunch! It starts at 12 pm and ends at 4 pm, so you’ll have plenty of time to grab a bite before heading back out for more fun. Learn all about Five Oaks Farm Kitchen menu for lunch now!

Delicious Handhelds

The midday meal is a great time to eat sandwiches! They’re filling, customizable, and great for a quick bite so you can get back out on the town! Here are some of the most popular handhelds on our lunch menu:

Chicken Salad Sandwich

food being served at five oaks farm kitchenA true southern staple, the chicken salad sandwich is a classic people love. We mix our smoked pulled chicken with mayo, fresh herbs, and cranberries to create the most delicious chicken salad. We serve it on freshly baked bread with lettuce and tomato, as well as your choice of vegetable soup, potato soup, or chips.

Grilled Ham and Cheese

Who said simple can’t be delicious? If you have a palette that loves all things simple, go for a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. The ham is sugar cured for a touch of sweetness, and we use American cheese for the meltiest mouth feel.

Fried Smoked Bologna

A unique handheld people just can’t get enough of from our Five Oaks Farm Kitchen menu is the fried smoked bologna sandwich. We cut our smoked bologna thick and fry it up, placing it on a bed of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

What’s in the Soup Kettle

Another tried and true staple for lunch is soup. It’s light but will keep you going until dinner time (or a late afternoon dessert!). We’ve always got something cooking up in ours.

Chicken and Dumplings

chicken and dumplings from five oaks farm kitchenWho said soup is the only thing that belongs in soup kettles? As the true southerners we are, we’ve made some of the best chicken and dumplings you’ll ever taste.

Potato Soup

Another favorite from our Five Oaks Farm Kitchen menu for lunch is potato soup. It’s a comfort meal for so many of us, and when we serve it with perfectly baked cornbread, you’ll leave as happy as a clam!

Soup Beans

One of our favorite things to make in a soup kettle is soup beans. We’ve slow cooked pinto beans with a smoked ham hock to give it that salty, savory flavor you know and love. We then top it with chow chow and serve it next to a big slice of cornbread.

From Our Farm Table to Yours

When you’re in need of a hearty lunch, you can’t go wrong with our Farm Table specials. Each dish comes with your choice of a vegetable, so you can get whatever you want!

Fried Chicken

meatloaf from five oaks farm kitchenIf you’re visiting the south, you have to have fried chicken at least once while you’re in town! We soak ours in buttermilk and Tennessee hot sauce until it absorbs all the flavor, then dredge it in seasoned flour and Ritz crackers, frying it to a golden perfection.


A family favorite of ours is meatloaf. We take freshly ground chuck and mix it with onion, our signature barbecue sauce, egg, and panko bread crumbs. It’s slow cooked to perfection and topped with a tangy tomato sauce then served over mashed potatoes.

Vegetable Plate

Wanna skip the meat? We love a good vegetable plate! You’ll find southern staples on our list, including turnip greens, fried okra, potato salad, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, and so much more!

More Lunch Items on Five Oaks Farm Kitchen Menu

These aren’t all of the offerings from our lunch menu you can enjoy. We also have fresh greens if you want something light. There’s also barbecue favorites, like pulled pork and ribs covered in our signature sauce. And if you save room for dessert, you can’t go wrong with banana pudding or our special cinnamon roll!

Now you know what to expect from our Five Oaks Farm Kitchen menu for lunch! Ready to grab a bite for your midday meal? You can join us in person, or pick up your favorite food when you order online at our Sevierville restaurant!

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